Flu Vaccines

Jay Dee Vee

I wanted to get a flu shot {for free} while I was still on my current health insurance. I’m sure that flu shots will be covered on my new insurance, too, but it seemed easier to just get it taken care of before we move. Maybe they have different germs in North Carolina, and I should be prepared. Hmmm. Maybe I should stock up on probiotics, too.

Anyway. The pharmacist starts off by asking what school I go to. “School, sir?” “Yes, what school is this for?” “Ummmm. I’m not in school.” Can’t a lady get a flu shot without it being for school? I hope he at least thought I was in college. I’m all for looking young, and I know I do, but geez!

Then he proceeds to ask me not to cry. Over a flu shot. I assured him I was fine, and he gave me the…

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