I’m really skinny but I still feel FAT…

I'm going to write stuff here....

Okay, so about a half an hour ago I’ve done what I haven’t done since, like, my midwife did it to me shortly after I came out of my mother’s vagina; I weighed myself. I stood on the scales, sopping wet and throbbing red just out of the too-hot bath and looked down to read off the number. I’m 18 years old, average height, and I weigh *drumroll* 103 pounds. 

To me this is just a number. It means nothing, so I’ve had to go and google what the average weight of an 18 year old female is in order to bring some perspective to this party. And the answer I seem to be getting is between 110-135 pounds is pretty much the average, depending on height. I’m pretty average height (i.e I couldn’t be fucked measuring myself) but I think we get the picture that I’m sort of on…

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