Rules of the gym

Travis Personal Training

The gym: daunting places for some, paradises of preening for others, for grafters a workshop, for too many a coffee shop. The gym, a bit like golf, has confusing rules and a vaguely ridiculous dress code. So come with me as I take a light hearted look at the rules of the gym, the ones you’ll find in your terms and conditions and the ones passed down since man and woman first lifted things up and put them down again. I’d like to reiterate the lighthearted aspect of this blog , and point out that the things mentioned are just a slightly mocking finger wagged in the offenders’ direction. In no way are they things that I absolutely can’t stand and drive me out of my mind to the point . . . well sometimes I’m just not really sure about how far I’d actually go. Anyway, let us start…

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