Shopping Healthily for Children


I have been waiting for some inspiration for my next blog and in trying to shop with my two young children last week, I certainly found it!  As anyone with young children will know, just getting to the supermarket sometimes can be a hassle.  Once you’re in there though, wow, a total bombardment of advertising, bright colours, drink me! eat me!  hits your children at every turn.  Why oh why do supermarkets do this?  Of course, I know it’s to increase their profit.  But don’t you think it’s awful that supermarkets are allowed to tempt our children at every turn, into eating sweet, salty snacks.  Don’t get me started on the chocolate boxes that are supposed to pass for a nutritious breakfast.

I know that I can say no, and I frequently do.  I know that it is my responsibility to manage what my children eat.  On the whole, they…

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