4 months ago i stopped eating wheat: and i feel GREAT mentally and physically

Artist Shannon Kringen

4 months ago i stopped eating wheat: how i feel off wheat and gluten and all breads and processed fake carb foods: i feel totally different truly! dramatic. not as moody. much more stable and the brain fog has lifted! my thyroid went back to normal after being under then over active! my doc told me to go off the thyroid meds i was on!
i was ADDICTED TO BREAD TOTALLY it’s like a drug- bread seems to make blood sugar go up and down like junk food does. my appetite is totally different. i am not as hungry. i feel satisfied when i eat and don’t get really bad hunger pains and huge cravings for carbs etc. going gluten and wheat free has been the best thing for my mental and physical health. i can feel my whole body working better. i still eat chocolate, cheese, potato…just cut out…

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