Bake the stress away with these 3 crowd-pleasing, confidence-boosting dishes

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In exactly four days, I will start my final year at university. This would be a rather joyful thought, were it not that I had the ambitious idea of enrolling in a Master program in American Studies, which is something entirely different from what I’ve been studying –and rocking!- so far: languages. Until recently I was truly convinced that after four years of having studied the English language, I would have a solid foundation for this new American adventure, but now I am totally freaking out. What if all the other students are annoying, big-mouthed and opinionated America-loving geeks and I’m just… well… me?


You know what I mean?


Anyway, I think you can all imagine that my stress level is through the roof at this moment. And what better way to relief stress than to bake? Everyone finds himself in a stressful situation at some point in…

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