Brain Scans & Space Ships



I spent this morning at the local general hospital in the medial radiation wing. I got my very first MRI done. Exciting right?! To me, it actually was! As well as highly anticipated. It was pretty cool, though, because it felt like I was being out into a space ship! A big white, right tube, making all these strange noises and sound effects. It was quite neat actually! Felt like I was apart of Star Wars or something.
I get chronic migraines as well as visual migraines. So they did a brain, neck, and spine scan to see if there’s a solution to my problem. There’s also a cyst in my neck that they wanted to closely examine.
I’ve been suffering with this beast since I was young. I remember my first migraine too – I was 11 years old at a dance competition. I couldn’t compete because I was…

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