Broccoli and pasta. An English and a Dutch version of an Italian dish.

The Dutch Student Kitchen

Broccoli is one of my favorite veggies. I know, many people don’t quite like it, but I do. It’s not only good as just a vegetable, it’s also one of those veggies that you can combine with about everything. This morning, I came across this amazing recipe. It is quick, healthy and it sounds delicious, so I would say, check it out!

Pasta broccoli

The recipe reminded me of a recipe I encountered long ago in a Allerhande. This is the magazine of the Albert Heijn. Yes, we have supermarkets with magazines… Don’t ask.

While the recipe on the blog is healthy, vegetarian and includes pasta, broccoli, garlic and chili flakes, the recipe it reminded me of is a less healthy and non-vegetarian dish that includes pasta, broccoli, garlic and, instead of chili flakes, uses bacon and fried bread crumbs. It is in Dutch, but I’ll translate it for you. Note:…

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