Calico – the expectations – what it could be!


Disclaimer: This post is a product of my thoughts on what Google can do with Calico and is only my personal opinion.

Google’s entry into healthcare is a surprise for me which should not have been the case as I pride myself in hardly getting surprised. However, I recently read somewhere that the US population is aging very fast with baby boomer reaching their “being cared for” age pretty soon over the next few years. Thus the question in everyones’ mind would be “how do we support them – empower them- enable them??” So it should not be a surprise actually that google is looking forward – actually is a little late maybe in working for #healthcare, #aging, #increasinglife.

However I still think Google should be talking about #improving the span of life and not #increasing the span of life, but that’s my personal thought.

Well, to me if I…

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