Could Clegg’s free school meals save the NHS billions?

Ipswich Spy

Free School MealThe National Health Service cost £108.9 billion to run in 2012/13. Spending on the NHS is expected to rise, above inflation, for the next two financial years at least. Yet demand continues to outstrip the speed of increasing budgets.

Why is demand outstripping supply? Well it is largely because people are living longer. The longer people live, the more diseases they will suffer from. Another key cause are societal illnesses. Obesity is a major cause of health problems, like diabetes and heart disease,

The causes of obesity are complex and this post won’t be long enough to do more than scratch the surface. But one of the causes of obesity is poor diet. Poor diet is something that you develop over time – what you eat is usually related to what your parents eat. That is why it is so concerning that one in five Ipswich children start primary school…

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