Liz Loses It

We are critical. Our world is full of critics.

“Your nails are weird colors.” “That red lipstick is super bright…yikes.” ” You want to do WHAT as a career??” “You think you can run 13 miles?? What inspired that crazy thought?”

We, as a society, are full of critical people. People who -don’t understand why you’re doing something -why you dress and make yourself up as you do -and what makes you tick. The world can (not always) bring you down; however, the biggest critic? Your worst enemy when it comes to building yourself up? YOU. yourself. Y-O-U. For some reason, we think people are total jerks for putting us down or questioning our ideas, but we can do it to ourselves constantly without thinking twice. It’s like emotional cancer. We (I) have to stop. It’s going to be hard for people to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourselves (read:…

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