Day one of the new, healthy regime…

My Tiny House Blog

So, how was my first day of trying to be healthy? Ok so far, I think. Not great, but ok:

Breakfast: 1/2 a spelt breadroll with one slice of salami; cup of coffee (1 small sugar and milk)

Snack: a few handfulls of trail mix plus goji berries; cup of tea (tiny bit of milk, no sugar)

Lunch: hmm, I kind of forgot to have lunch as was trying to get the house looking less like a bomb site. This is not healthy, but considering the afternoon snack, probably a good thing…

Snack: one slice of my mother-in-law’s plum cake (without whipped cream, she adds virtuously). I know, not good…

Dinner: a potato, ground beef and feta cheese dish with a creamy sauce (used a Knorr Fix packet… I know, not very healthy sounding, but I used low-fat cream and low-fat feta cheese…); 3 glasses of Chilean red…

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