Dear God, Thank You…You Gave me a Son and Allowed me to Keep Him…

It's Complicated...



Ok my day sucked, I mean it sucked. I cannot go into details as it deals with information that as an educator I cannot share. My heart is heavy, it hurts, it was twisted and turned, I was mad and in the end all my anger and mis-placed or well-placed intentions were just that intentions and the rest out of my control. My day sucked, always does when control is lost and your life as a co…is thrown into your face at lightening speed.

My mind raced, every meeting was long and my day tomorrow will be cleaning up my desk which are left over pieces of the mess of lives that intertwined mine today…all splattered like the messes that they are on my simple wooden desk…

Walking out and down the stairs to my awaiting luxury vehicle, that started right. Heading home to eat a wonderful dinner…

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