Fads Are For Fashion, Not Healthcare

Journey Full of Life

While I’m not a doctor, it doesn’t take one to start noticing trends in medical diagnoses, especially when you are as immersed in the healthcare world as I have been, now that I have a child who has special needs.

Every so often it seems like more and more people are being diagnosed with something and prevalence statistics are skyrocketing.   Then you have things like the K-E diet, where people began using Nasogastric feeding tubes to supplement nutrition while depriving one’s self of caloric intake as a way to lose weight.  As a parent of a child who REQUIRES a feeding tube to LIVE, I can assure you that feeding tubes should not be used as part of a fad diet.  Fads have no place in healthcare. Whether that fad is in the form of a new diet or a medical diagnosis, it is unfair to those who truly…

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