“Fish” Tacos – Veganized

Vibrant Bean


Some of my most special memories of childhood are family trips to the beach house in Baja, Mexico.   Part of the fun was that it was never just our family.  There was another family and it seemed that almost every kid (there were 7 between the families)  would also bring a friend.  So for several days several times a year, we would post up on a secluded beach 30 miles south of Rosarito.  We would spend sun up to sun down soaking up the sun, building castles, learning and some (the boys) mastering to surf, fishing, getting caught in tide pools, late night fireworks; I could go on forever about this special place, but that would bore you.

There were many activities that were must do’s on every trip; one in particular was stopping at a taco stand near our beach.  I’m pretty sure we would wipe out their fish…

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