Get beach ready this Summer!

Fernwood Morayfield



Hi ladies!

Last week our post was about beach fitness and this week we have decided to write about how to get yourselves beach ready for these hot and sunny days! We want you all to feel great about hitting the beach in your bikinis!

Firstly, we’ve decided to tell you about some exercises that are targeted at toning that fantastic body of yours!

Starting with the abs. Leg raises! Leg raises are fantastic for building that core strength and really tightening up your abdominal area. Lie flat on your back and raise your legs towards the ceiling, trying to keep the best stability that you can, hold onto something if you need.

What about those arms? Tricep dips are fantastic for toning up those wonderful arms of yours. Place your arms behind you on a gym bench/ ledge and slowly lower your body to the ground and bring yourself up…

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