Guilty of what?

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Just a quick post, but came across this from twitter.

A short summary: brachial plexus injury (wikipedia) is an injury to a bundle of nerves connecting the spinal cord with the shoulder and arms. In newborn children, this can be caused by gynecologists exerting too much force on the newborn baby. Lawyers have made a lot of money from suing doctors whenever there’s been a case of an infant with such an injury. Recently, a doctor published a paper claiming that a newborn child had a case of brachial plexus injury in the absence of the gynecologist exerting excessive force. Of course, this article is potentially very dangerous to lawyers who have insisted that the only possible cause of brachial plexus injury was malpractice on behalf of the physician, and who stand to lose a huge amount of money from lawsuits.

Lawyers didn’t wait long to fire back:

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