High Protein Diet For Women Over 30

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High Protein Diet For Women Over 30Women over 30 need special foods that are rich in vitamins and proteins. These foods are important to fight diseases, promote fertility and moreover, for a healthy body.Here are some foods that include for women over 30.

Diet For Women:

This nutrient can be best consumed with Vitamin D and magnesium. After 30, good carbohydrates and fats protect you from heart diseases and blood pressure. Prefer having low fat dairy products. Spinach, grilled fish such as salmon, tuna, low fat cheese, eggs, skimmed milk and multi-grains are rich in calcium.

To decrease the bad cholesterol level, women over 30 must have mono-saturated foods. These fats protect one from heart diseases, lowers blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Healthy fats also improve blood cell formation and blood circulation in the body.

Raw and fresh fruits provide proper nutrients that are required for women over 30. Iron and calcium…

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