Need a New Joint? You Should Look Outside of the U.S. For Surgery

The Mobile Physician

increasing health care costs in AmericaSports injuries are fairly common.  Joint injuries, especially among women athletes, are common. As kids start sports at younger ages, injuries increases and the odds of an athlete playing injure escalate. I have personally destroyed both my knees from playing sports.  However, with the cost of surgery, and with the recovery time and scar I opted out of knee surgery and chose physical therapy instead.

When did the cost of healthcare become so high?  According to a report from McKinsey & Company, the United States spends more on healthcare than the next ten biggest spenders combined: Japan, Germany, France, China, the U.K, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and Australia. It’s difficult to pin down exactly what is driving the cost of healthcare up in America; factors such as drug and technology costs, insurance premiums, and an increasing population are certainly likely culprits.  The news in recent months have discussed the…

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