No counsyl for old men

Aniket Deshpande

Quantifying Healthcare:

I was recently at a Quantified Self event hosted by Athena health that  focused on driving health care costs down through innovation in new technologies ( The Panel had members from Partners Healthcare to Startups companies in the Healthcare-IT space. They focused on providing the patient with as much information to make meaning full decisions in terms of diseases and preventive care.

One of the slides that caught my eye was the demographic healthcare spending  patterns in the US. If healthcare need to be reformed, one has to got to figure out where most of the money is being spent. Not surprisingly, the cost of care significantly goes up along with age (see graph).








Pre-natal genetic tests: 

The rise of genetics testing companies in the prenatal and neonatal stage just validates the fact that people are demanding more information about themselves. Natera ( and…

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