no more fast food!

Keeki Pure and Simple

training for a marathon requires a lot of energy. while you might think “with all that running, you must be able to eat whatever you want.” this is not the case.

while i have never been a huge fast food eater, i have cut out fast food altogether as it is not a healthy choice in the slightest. i was sent this article not to long ago and it really hit home. i hope you take as much away from it as i did…

“Here’s a little perspective:

One McDonald’s Big Mac contains 540 calories, 29 grams of fat, and more than 40 grams of highly-processed, blood-sugar-spiking carbohydrates.

And that doesn’t even count the fries and soft drink that you KNOW you’re going to order with it.

At the same rate, here are a few alternative food choices and amounts that will land you at the same 540 calories:


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