Now What


It’s been a long, dreary, and frankly upsetting day.

I had my last radiation treatment this morning, and then was supposed to check in with the local mental health specialist; I guess to make sure I wasn’t planning anything untoward. But, I managed to have my last radiation treatment, but missed the mind-doc (shucks). I woke up this morning feeling absolutely miserable and out of energy. I felt like it took work just to move. I managed to get myself to VA and do my treatment, but by then the pain and tiredness were a lot, lot worse.

So, I dragged my behind up to the oncology clinic to talk to my nurse.

Most Things Involve a Trade-Off

Bottom line – and pardon if it’s TMI (too much info), but I’ve been on daily doses of morphine and percocet for months now, and they have done a number on my…

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