preserved lemons + quinoa (yum)

the farmed and dangerous

i’ve been having a lot of fun lately experimenting with grains.

quinoa, farro, buckwheat, amaranth (although this technically is a leafy green). yum.

red lentils preserved lemons

emilie came over for dinner the other night and i made us this amazing recipe from food + wine, but subbed quinoa for couscous. i used quinoa for two reasons: 1. it is delicious and protein packed, and 2. emroc is seriously gf. like when she eats it, the morning after she feels hungover. that’s rough. poor em.

so i made this for us and it was delicious. i did have some trouble with the lemon liquid boiling down to 1/3 cup (it didn’t happen) but it was still super delicious. and food + wine’s twitter team did respond to my tweet asking for help (how lovely) so next time i attempt this recipe, i will keep you posted on the liquid-ness of it all.

emilie brought…

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