PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Innovate to work


1. 9/11/13 NY TIMES A Lottery in hard times puts Spaniards to work. Alameda, Spain has 50% unemployment. The elected Mayor was concerned and conceived the Lottery Plan, to put people to work on various municipal projects. After 6 years of recession, there are 500 names in the Raffle and an equal number of jobs to be filled. A clever start. They made a choice.

2.NY TIMES. 9/17/13 Donors Funds Sidestep Law, aiding Christie. Why should we care about laws when our elected officials flaunt the law knowingly? In New Jersey, Governor Christie hosted Large New Jersey Contractors , who contributed indirectly to his campaign , by making out large checks to the Republican Governors Association which he leads. !

Governor Christie can claim ignorance ? He was merely rewarding ” good loyal businessman”, by hosting this Party celebrating his” plan” to create jobs? He never touched the money, it…

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