Radiation Therapy


So I have completed 8 rounds of Radiation Therapy out of 25-30 treatments. I’ve been doing well so far. I’ve been told my biggest side effects will be Sun-Burn like irritation in the areas getting radiated, fatigue, and possibly nausea and vomiting. To give you an example of how powerful Radiation is..when you get xrays you receive about 100,000 electromagnetic rays to take the picture of that Xray. With Radiation, you are receiving about 6 million. Quite a difference. So far it’s going well. I posted this youtube video of a strangers last treatment. Surprisingly, it is very similar to my treatment right now. Except, since my right pelvic area is getting treated first, before my lower back (abdomen), just imagine me laying on the table naked with a cloth covering my woo hoo, in a frog legged type of way. Yep, very flattering. This experience has been very humbling…

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