So How Many Did They Pull Out Today?

To Capture It Once

5. 10. 12. 15. All of them.

What would you do if that was the number of teeth you had extracted in one day?  (Or in one lady’s case, that was her birthday present to herself.)  Unbelievable to some, but for those in these remote areas of Southwestern Virginia, doing this is their best option.

In this area, the ratio of residents to primary care providers is abnormally skewed.  Even if you do have the money, you may not have access to a doctor, let alone a dentist.  Most insured individuals do not have dental insurance. Unfortunately, financial instability and medical inaccessibility are a common combined package in Southwestern Virginia.   It is not a tough decision to forgo purchasing health insurance in order to pay the rent or afford food for your family.   Oh should I also mention that this area is infamously considered to be the “Methamphetamine…

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