Summer time


After a hiatus, then return to this new look, then another hiatus it’s time to get this blog back on track. It’s been a summer of mega heat, mega bike riding and mega spending. After a horrible winter and over doing it I ended up with anaemia and a vitamin D deficiency, which in a way was good to hear, as opposed to me thinking my body has given up on me. So in a nutshell,


Goodness gracious, terrible. I can only re-call 2 or 3 races that I felt OK and actually enjoyed. One of note being the Climb on Bikes CC road race in May. This race was nothing less than Total Wipeout on bikes. The course was not suitable for biking, let alone racing. A combination of eroded road, drains and holes meant each lap at least 3 riders punctured and thus taking out another 1…

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