Tasty Soups to keep you Warm this Fall

Eat, Run, and Everything in Between

First of all….it was YEAR ago from when I started my blog!!

Second of all…Why is it that no matter where I am, whether it was in a classroom back in the good old college days (I feel old now, don’t judge me…) or in the office at work, it’s ALWAYS freezing?? I’m actually shivering just thinking about how cold I am during the day, sitting for hours on hours in front of the computer, with little to no movement. It’s funny because even in college, it seemed as though the separate buildings could never get it right. Either the heat was blasted on high, leaving us sweating in our heavy sweaters in the winter time, after we most likely just sprinted to class in order to make it on time. OR the rooms would be negative thirty degrees. You take your pick. I’m not sure which one I preferred…

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