The Dark Side of Doctors

Starving Dietitian

Nutrition Dietitian Doctor

Growing up, a quarter of the kids I knew had visions of becoming famously wealthy doctors.

A noble profession in and of itself. Helping people, saving lives, good pay.

A childs logic has little to argue against such a career.

I myself had grand delusions of being a doctor, or surgeon, or something along those respected lines. At least, until I started working in healthcare.

I’ll paraphrase this by stating I am not a doctor. As much as dietitians picture themselves as nutrition doctors, we are not. We are very knowledgeable about food, and diets, and how they interact with the body.

starving dietitian enteral nutritionBut when it comes to saving a life, prescribing medication, diagnosing diseases, that’s simply not our specialty.

For the same reason doctors are not experts on nutrition, dietitians are not experts on medications, procedures, or injections.

What I can tell you is what I’ve seen as a Dietitian.

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