The Doctor Who Cried

2nd Time Is A Charm

Doctors are funny creatures. Most of them have this other language, medical jargon, which they speak to their patients as if they’ll be understood. Some are so nerdy it’s hard to pay attention without wanting to laugh a little. Some don’t know who you are, or what you came in for without referring to your chart several times (annoying and unsettling). A few are teachers and can bring it down to layman’s terms without making you feel like an imbecile. Too many have a god-complex. Some are kind and seem to listen. Many don’t give you enough time to ask your questions, or remember what questions you have to ask. A few are grumpy and just need to retire. Some, well, they cry.

Doctors are smart. And persistent. Usually doctors go to 4 years of undergraduate school, then 4 years of medical school, then an internship, then a couple years of…

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