The Great Bread Hunt

My Thermie Journey

Being Scandinavian, I have always loved my bread. The more rustic the better. So when I first moved over to Australia, I must confess, that going to the shops to buy bread was a massive disappointment. Not only where the bread wrapped up in plastic rather than paper bags, they also lacked a good crust, and were so full of air, I could hardly spread anything on them with out ripping the poor slices to shreds. As a result, when I first received my Thermomix 9 years later, my mission to bake all our own bread commenced.

This was easier said than done. Whilst I was having a ball trying out new recipes, it became clear that the husband and particularly our oldest son, who was 6 at the time, did not take to my endless experiments in the kitchen as well as I had hoped. Having both grown up…

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