The Liebster Award

Shoot to Kale

Hey, Dolls! I have just been nominated for the Liebster Award by Laura from MissLauraBora’s Blog (P.S You should check out her blog!!)! She is too sweet. So what is The Liebster Award? Well basically it’s an award given to various bloggers by other bloggers who find their blogs to be outstanding. Each blog should have no more than 200 followers to be nominated. This is just a way of networking with other bloggers and allowing their followers to find other similar awesome blogs to check out! Should you choose to accept the award, you have to pay it forward! Which I think is great because there are so many awesome blogs who deserve to be recognized.

The Rules:

You must link the person who nominated you.
You must share 11 random facts about yourself.
You must answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee.
You must…

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