The Primadonna’s Guide To Supplements: What To Take & Why

Primadonna Fitness

So you want to become a Primadonna- a strong, healthy, fit and confident female? Training and clean-eating are only part of the equation, you must supplement too! Supplementation makes sure all your hard-work in the gym pays off. Believe it or not, nutrition counts for 80% of your success.

“But, how can I choose?” Ill admit, there are soooo many supplements on the market today that it can be overwhelming for anyone, especially an on-the-go female, to decide which supplements best suit their needs. Let me share the basics:

#1: Multivatimin


For starters- let’s stick to the basics. Go out and purchase a multivitamin for active women. This will optimize your performance and metabolism. I like GNC’s Women’s Ultra Mega Active Caplets.

#2: Whey Protein Powder


Whey Protein’s primary characteristic is its digestibility. Once in the body, it breaks down quickly, swiftly sending its aminos to muscle tissue. This is…

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