Training for a Response to a Potential Terrorist Attack in Ottawa?

CanadianSpartacus's Blog

The National Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Response Team will be involving the Ottawa police, paramedics, firefighters, the Department of National Defense to train, in full public view, for responses to a potential terrorist attack to our city.  While it is good that our public protection forces are prepared what I don’t appreciate is the following:
1. The timing of this event is suspicious.  Why do they have to do this the same week Obama is considering launching a strike against Syria?
2. With the possibility of a nuclear attack against a Canadian city, why has Harper shut down the Radiation Monitoring sites across Canada?
3. Why are citizens not allowed to buy personal radiation detection devices from our own Manufacturers right here in Canada when we can easily purchase them from the US through Canadian businesses?
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