Week 24

Baby Sturgis

The SpragueWe chalk up another weekly milestone while on vacation in Maine! Amber is definitely noticeably pregnant (I feel like she has been for a while now) to the point where we’re getting akward comments from complete strangers. The baby is eight and a half inches long now, and weighs about one and a half pounds. This week, it’s facial features are apparently almost fully developed – it even has eyebrows and some hair on it’s head. We’re very excited to find out which features favor whom!

Hammock MammaTo celebrate week 24, we went for a little kayak up the Sprague river this morning, and then biked out to North Creek Farm for a homemade lunch amongst the chickens. A perfect start to the day. For now, she’s all tuckered out.

Trying to soak up the sun and beach as much as possible during our last four days here in Sm. Point…

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