What Is Healthy Eating? One Question, Many Answers

Ware It's Made From Scratch


Recently, I’ve been asked a lot about what I consider to be healthy eating, so why not create a post about it?

If you ask a group of people what healthy eating is, you are bound to get a myriad of answers: veganism, raw, paleo, low-fat, real food, gluten-free, low-carb, _____________ (insert name of the latest fad diet or diet program) …and the list goes on. Clearly, healthy eating can mean something different for everyone.

In my opinion, conventional, mainstream nutritional advice is often lacking, as it seems new diets, fads, and information come and go as quickly as the latest fashion trends. And sometimes (actually, too often) – bad nutritional advice can be like those styles that should have never surfaced and just won’t go away – especially if a powerful corporation or industry is benefiting. It’s often difficult not to feel overwhelmed in a sea of inconsistent (mis)information…

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