Your guilt free PSL for the Fall Season

Balance Nutrition

It would be a true statement that in my last post I discourage the consumption of PSL’s this year.  Why you might ask…well since we are turning over a healthy leaf this year it is very hard to justify sipping on a grande 290 calories, sugar filled coffee drink (oh and this is the light version).

No need to be sad though because I found this amazing recipe by fellow blogger Jennifer of who has created a delicious version of the Pumpkin dream in a frappie.  You can also mix it up and make it a warm beverage too.  Check out the recipe below and don’t be sad for one second this fall and winter season!

Cheers to bring the PSL back into the food wheel!

Starbucks Grande Light Pumpkin Spice FrappuccinoCalories:  290,  Fat:  0,  Sodium:  260,  Carbs:  68:  Fiber:  0,  Sugar:  67,  Protein:  5

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