10 Things People Never Really Get Over

Thought Catalog

1. The first time someone is cheated on emotionally. Being cheated on physically is traumatic, but there’s nothing that cuts deeper than knowing someone you love and whom has committed themselves to you has developed an emotional bond with someone else. Because the desire to have sex with someone can be impulsive; written off as instinctive, animistic, even. A lapse in judgment. There’s no such mental finagling when it comes to the someone you love loving someone else.

2. The first time they realize that something terrible and personal and completely humiliating was said behind their backs, especially by a friend they thought was a confidante. It’s not even the betrayal that digs deep, it’s the fact that now people know about something so personal, and being emotionally naked in front of the people who led you to make that thing a secret in the first place is not an…

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