2 minute workout while brushing teeth

Fuzzy Droplet

I am my own champion in failing to work out consistently.  How long has it been since I last work out routinely?  Too embarrassing to tell.  But recently I’ve come across conversation that is slightly motivating.  It is about what to do with the rest of my body while spending two minutes standing there doing nothing but brushing teeth.

Most of us think we can multitask.  Although the science has proven that we function at optimal when we focus one thing at a time, we believe we can do more!  After all life in this world seem so short.  So how better use the time in the 2 minutes while we brush our teeth?  Here are a few ideas:

1. standing leg raises: count 60 leg raises each leg

2. calf raises: stand on the toes and pulse for 60 times rest and do another set- this trains your calf……

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