Are You Informed…. or Are You Actually Just a Hater?

Imperfect Yoga & Spiritual Sit-Ups

It’s no joke that CrossFit polarizes the fitness community. Not just the fitness community. Anyone who has a social media account. Yup, even people who have never tried CrossFit for themselves definitely have an opinion (and usually, a strong one) about this highly popular sport. 

I used to be a CrossFit hater. Hardcore, too. You can read my dirty confession on MindBodyGreen here.

But, in the meantime, let’s get real about whether your opinion is actually valid, or if you’re just making an unintelligent argument from a place of insecurity, jealousy, or inferiority. In other words, are you just being a hater? While I firmly believe in love and compassion, I equally firmly believe in logic and intelligence. Balance is crucial for anyone trying to have an actual impact and not just a tweet or FB rant.  And it’s up to the fitness experts to determine validity of “Crossfit’s Dirty…

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