Beet, Pineapple and Celery Juice

Allison Eats


Today I bring you a short and sweet post with a recipe for some delicious and nutritious juice. The star of which, is the ever-polarizing beet. When it comes to beets, I’ve only ever heard people proclaim they love them, hate them, or have no idea what to do with them. So with this recipe, I hope to appeal to the masses and perhaps convert some haters and enlighten the beet-naive.

Beets rule. They’re rich in nutrients (like folic acid, magnesium, calcium, and iron), have detoxifying properties, and that sweet demeanor of theirs provides you with a good source of carbohydrate energy. They’re also a stunning example of the bold natural dyes that nature produces.

The reason I like this juice combo so much is that the addition of pineapple (besides adding a Vitamin C boost to kickoff this cold and flu season) adds just enough tartness to tame some…

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