Booty to Ball

Meghan Nicole Fitness

Happy hump day, y’all!

This is how I felt waking up today…

photo 1-2I fell asleep a little early last night and woke up kind of confused. Perfect meme for my morning.

So I realized after typing that title, that it could totally be taken a weird way. Probably what you would expect even reading my blog in the first place. Inappropriate humor is kind of my thing.

But it’s actually about squatting your butt past parallel. Often times I see people in the gym that load the weights up and improperly squat, barely getting six inches down. Or I see the people who just don’t realize they are squatting incorrectly in the first place. The goal of every squat is to get your butt past your knees. It’s one of the reasons squats are deemed a primal movement pattern. Every human was designed to be able to get that low…

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