Cooking Well Courses


Cooking Well Courses
Our exclusive 4 week cookery courses for Diabetes, Cholesterol & Weight Loss

What Our Programmes Involve

‘Cooking Well’ Courses is part of our ‘Balance4Life’ concept of healthcare here at Helena Farrell Consultancy/Diabetes Insight, which promotes preventative and lifestyle medicine. We provide practical solutions to the everyday challenges of trying to be healthy. This is no more so when you have a condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol or simply trying to lose weight.

We just don’t tell you how, we show you how!

Practical, Fun & Interactive

We provide simple, easy steps to cooking the perfect meals for good health, by using tried and tested approaches which are evidence based. Each programme starts with an explanation of the chosen health issues, and participants will be provided with workbooks, recipes and resources throughout the 4 weeks. Each week includes a cookery demo of chosen recipes. The final week concludes with our…

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