Do you want results?

Orlando Fit Body Bootcamp

This weekend Andrea and I went to Costa Mesa California
for our Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference.

I learned a lot of really awesome things that I really wanted
to share with you.

One of the big take-aways I had was reverse engineering
your goals…


Well, in order for us to reach our goal we need to help
you get to your goal.

So what is your ultimate goal? Is it to lose 50lbs, 20% body
fat, look good naked???

Whatever your goal may be – I want you to focus on that.


So how do you need to get to this goal? What are the steps you need
to take?

First off, are you eating 3 meals a day with about 25g of protein per meal?
Are you incorporating small snacks in between meals with healthy
Fat and protein? Are you getting the “good” carbohydrates and avoiding

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