JARAS76 Reboot

Confession:  I turn into a big germophobe before races and business travel.  In the weeks leading up to such events, I take copious amounts of Echinacea, wash my hands more often, and double my personal space restrictions – you know, all the necessary precautions. 

But sometimes I have to laugh at myself, as was the case yesterday when I got my eyes checked.  I threw my contact lens case and cleaner into my purse, determined not to use the store’s questionable, community supply.  The doc tried hard to convince me that using the open bottle of soft contact lens conditioner on my gas permeable lenses would be fine, but I stuck to my guns and used my solution.  It wasn’t until I inserted the first lens 3/4 of the way onto my eyeball that I realized – in perfect horror – that I hadn’t washed my hands.  Flashback to the 100 frames I grabbed off the rack to try on…

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