Hey! What’s for Dinner?!

Livin La Vida Broke-a

It’s 5:30. My boyfriend Timmy and I realized we’re starving. I mean, it’s been a whole three hours since we last ate! There’s nothing good for dinner at the dining commons (the DC) and we don’t feel like going out. So what are we gonna eat?!

I looked in my cabinet and found cereal, Ramen, some tea bags, oh! A box of couscous – the name so nice you say it twice. Conveniently, I had taken some spinach and tomatoes from the DC at lunch.  The problem is, Timmy has never had couscous before and wasn’t sure if he liked it. Well, this is what I’m cooking and if he doesn’t like it he can starve … or get some Subway. Whichever.


This is actually a really simple recipe, and it’s also very cheap. Here’s what you need:

  • One box of couscous (I used the Near East Parmesan flavored…

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