History of Dentures

Dentures Done Right

Advancements in dental technology have given patients who are in need of teeth replacement a new hope and more confidence. However, the need for dentures dates back to a time before advanced polymers and porcelains used today were even invented.

According to archaeological evidences, ancient Egyptians were able to master the science in making the original form of dentures way back in 1500 B.C. The Egyptians used human teeth threaded with gold wire to replace teeth that are falling out. Nonetheless, the practice of replacing rotten teeth existed even earlier than the ancient Egyptians. Ancient tribes in Mexico replaced their broken or lost teeth with animal teeth. Archaeologists believe that people from ancient tribes insert the animal teeth in the sockets where the lost teeth used to be.

As of now, Japan is holding claims that they have the oldest set of complete dentures, which are made of wood, and…

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