Is Promiscuity Caused By Loneliness?

Home Is Where the Hate Is: The Triangle

ImageI ask myself a lot of hard questions and I was told so by someone I knew years ago. This may further my success or hinder my ability to cope with reality. Truth is, much reality is shitty, but I bear with it. I ask myself at times – though I already know the answer – are we a generation of whores or is nature finally taking it’s course?

I was watching Wong Kar-Wai’s Happy Together – a Chinese Hong Kong love story about two gay men struggling to maintain a relationship that was destined to fail. One is loyal, monogamous and hardworking, which causes him to endure mistreatment from the other guy, who is shiftless, promiscuous and risk-taking, which will eventually cause him to further his unknown cause of self-inflicted unhappiness (hence, the loyal guy moving on). Situations like these – and worse scenarios – happen in daily life…

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