New Series Blurb


I love to write!  Writing seems to be my passion!  I have Nine books out, six under Blaize Nolynne.  I write mostly thrilling fictions in which have some sort of rescue personal in it!  🙂

This is the blurb of my new series ‘rescue One’ which I promised I would post.  Please comment if it interest you or doesn’t. This is the very first book like this one I did.  “people call rescue when they need medical help. I needed a different type of help. I was a failing author who was battling a domestically abusive father. I needed a stable income and an apartment before the deadline came an…d I was homeless.  Even as I arrived at rescue with a split lip and bruises, I was looking more than just a job. I was looking for help and to be saved. I had to realize that I wasn’t ‘broken’…

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