Rewind: 16 Week Appointment + Ultrasound Photos

Cirque de Baby

We had an appointment on August 28th. I am not sure if I should say I was 16 weeks or 17, but to be exact, I was 16 Weeks, 6 Days along. This was just a pretty easy-going appointment. We weren’t there long and only got one photo of the baby. The technician asked if we wanted to find out the sex, and we excitedly told her that we’ve decided NOT to find out. To be honest, she seemed so relieved. It really made me think about the tons of pressure they must be under to always find out. I don’t know a ton of people that have waited; it seems almost rare. Archaic.

Alas, we saw the baby for a brief period of time and everything is looking absolutely great. Our little wiggle worm was much more complacent this time, but the tech said that she would have had…

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One response to “Rewind: 16 Week Appointment + Ultrasound Photos

  1. That is cute baby.. this is one of the reason why I made a blog. I thought that I was preggy and wanna make a diary about it. Made me smile to see this.

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